Shooting a Short in Southern Italy

May 2016 is a great month! EverWhatProductions, a Finnish production company is producing a Short by the name “Something Is in the Air” and it is being filmed in Matera, Southern Italy. The city has seen big movie production before, including such Hollywood productions as Ben Hur or Wonder Woman, but this month the historical set called Sassi of Matera will see the Finno-Italian crew filming a romantic comedy in the small alleys of the old town. The screenplay is written by Antti Kaarlela and the director of the short, Antti Kairakari and the lead roles will be played by Antti Kaarlela, Stefania Dubla and Michele Mostacci.

The short will later on go to festival distribution and the production company aims to seek also other possible release channels for their new film. Here’s a link to the production company post on the short.