Welcome stranger

Get off the door step and come on in. This house has been waiting for you. Can you see the hole next to the door? I punched it there last night when I was running around the yard ALONE, waiting for someone to show up. This is not an ordinary house. No way. You know? This is a place where dreams meet more dreams. A house where dreams mingle with dreams and dance late at night so that at somepoint nobody knows which dream has slept with wich one and who is the father or mother of the dream about to be born. Sorry… Did I get too confusing? You are right. This is not a house. This is a website. And this is not the house where dreams spend wild promiscuous night with other dreams. That house in the imagination. In my imagination. I am Antti Kaarlela and this is my personal website. It houses some of the dreams. Step on in.

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